Consultancy in risk managements

Great experience in the evaluation in risk appraisal

In an environment with such varied and particular threats as those generated by the groups which generate violence - terrorist groups, criminal gangs, drug-trafficking organisations, organised crime and common crime, companies must have a source of strategic advice on the identification, analysis, appraisal and treatment of risks to which the company is exposed by reason of its operations, or its geographical location, or its profile as an organisation, or some other particular feature.

Pilgrim Security, as a consultancy firm, has great experience in the evaluation in risk appraisal, taking account of the wide range of  productive sectors of the economy, such as oil, insurance, mining, pharmaceuticals, air transport, power generation and industry, amongst others.

Our consultants have a wide range of technical baggage and expertise in:

  • Conducting Threat / Risk Assessments (geographical regions, oil blocks, etc).

  • Premises security Assessments (plants, refineries, buildings, museums, oilfields, mines, etC).

  • Terrorism Risk Assessments (specialized for the insurance / underwriters sector).

  • Estimates of economic loss by terrorism events (PML).

  • Risk analysis and assessments.

  • VIP security studies (residential security study, route security study, profile of personal risks).

  • Security audit (electronic security, private guard services, IT security, etc).