¿What is different about PILGRIM?

Pilgrim is small and flexible with highly motivated management

Fortunately for Pilgrim and the security industry as a whole, and unfortunately for clients operating in risky environments there is no Silver Bullet which will solve the security problem. Perhaps this is a good thing because it opens opportunities to those companies willing to invest in risk management.

Risk Management tends provided by a bundle of services which requires constant adjustment.  A formulaic approach tends not to work not only because the environment is different in each case but also each company has its own culture and its own appetite for risk.

Pilgrim is small and flexible with highly motivated management.  A pilgrim partner will be in charge of each case and as a partner he has a very personal interest in ensuring that the customer is served according to his needs and wishes.

Pilgrim was founded by a group of executives from ArmorGroup (Now part of G4S) on the premise that the “one-stop-shop” model was fundamentally flawed by conflict of interest.  In the “one-stop-shop” model the provider recommends security measures form which he will profit.  He has no incentive to maximize efficiency.  Pilgrim is free from this.

Our partners need our clients to be safe in the most efficient way possible consistent with the culture of our client.

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